Monday, 17 December 2012

Vlogging and Giveaway

Hey Guys,

I know it's been quite a while since my last post.
This past couple months have been busy with school and holiday planning.
I promise to get back into the blogging spirit after the holidays.

In the meantime, I've started vlogging.
I've only posted two video's so far, but I hope to do more in the near future.

If you have the time, please  check them out.

 This is my latest Korean and Japanese haul:

My giveaway video:
Hurry as the giveaway ends on the 24th.
- Must be a subscriber
- Must comment on the video below

Good luck~

Thanks everyone!
I hope your enjoying your December!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Fall in Yamanashi

Last weekend a bunch of friend and I went for light and scenic hike at Shosenkyo gorge. It was such a beautiful day!
We saw a feral cat that walked side by side with the passersby, and a pack of cute and possibly wild pups. We ate black sesame seed ice cream, enjoyed a giant Japanese rice cracker and took some grilled fish home. I meet a friendly group of Chinese travelers who wanted to know more about me, for sone reason. The most amazing sight however, (after the beautiful view of Fujisan, and the reds, oranges and yellows of the changing leaves), was seeing monkeys. For me, this was awesome! I've never seen monkeys in the wild before. I was so excited that I scared them off by shouting and pointing for my friends to come have a look. Luckily, they were able catch a glimpse of them before they ran right back into the trees.
Here are some photos of my hike. Unfortunately, I didn't get any of the monkeys.

Thank you for visiting! :)

Friday, 2 November 2012

Glossybox: September edition

I was really excited when I received this month's Glossybox as the box was heavy which immediately made me think - Full sized products!!
I was right, but at the same time I was expecting something a little more. Either way, I'm still very happy with the contents.

Here's what I got:
Use beautywater® Q10 specifically to give back the freshness and vitality your cells are lacking.
Sounds interesting enough, I'll give it a go. 
Esthederm Sample set
Kaotsubo Cosmetics 8601 Repre trail
I think it's face stuff?
nesno Balance veil
I honestly have no idea what this is. I'll have to ask a friend. I first thought shower gel, then maybe face toner. But after putting a dab on my fingers tips I'm more confused than ever. 
Zoya in Paloma
I'm so excited to try this polish as the colour is just so pretty!

All in all I'm happy with this box. The polish is what made it worth it. The beauty water sounds fun, but it's not something I'll buy into. Before I set that in stone, I should really give it a try.

Thanks so much for reading!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Welcome to Mandai Shoten

Last weekend a friend invited Alex and I out to visit Mandai Shoten.
Mandai Shoten is what I like to call a nerd's shop. It's fantastic! It has everything from used video games and mangas to air guns and fishing rods. I couldn't get over the selection and variety of things available.
You can even bring in your old games and they'll buy them, I hear they'll buy pretty much anything. :)

Now for the pictures of my 'big' adventure:

So cute! If it wasn't $40 and I didn't already have a great toaster, I might have considered it.

I believe theres are strategy guides. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Found a famicom
Happy Halloween!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Review: Canmake Mascara remover

Before I get into this review I would just like to add that I've never used a mascara-only remover so I'm not sure how this compares to other removers.
Canmake is a really affordable and cute drugstore makeup brand. They have blushes, mascaras, nail polishes and more. I love looking at their blushes but can guarantee they will not show up on my skin tone, so I stick with their mascaras and nail polishes instead.

About the remover:
Easily takes off hard-to-remove waterproof mascara!
Enables you to remove mascara without overly rubbing your eyes ♥
It's a remover that's kind to your lashes
How to use:
(1) Apply the product liberally all over your lashes, from the roots to the tips.
(2) Leave it to soak in for 30 seconds to a minute, then fold a cotton pad over your lashes and gently wipe off with a stroking motion.
(3) Afterwards, use a tissue to wipe off any mascara adhering to the coil and ensure that it is clean before putting it away.

Since 30 seconds seems far to long for me, I usually leave it on for about 10 seconds and then wipe off. I like the fact that I don't have to rub my eyes continuously to get the mascara off. The applicator is designed really well, which makes for a fast and easy removal. Plus the packaging is super cute, am I right?

Price: 600yen
Final thoughts: It's a great product for very little money. It does what it claims to do. How can you argue with that?
Would I buy again? Yes!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Tokyo Trip - Shin-Ōkubo

Last month Alex and I took a mini trip up to Tokyo to visit some friends I haven't seen in a while.
We ended up staying at a Toyoko Inn in near Shinjuku station in the Shinokubo area. Surrounding our hotel was Koreatown! I absolutely loved it. There was k-pop, kimchi and skincare products everywhere. The music was catchy, the food was fantastic and I returned feeling satisfied with my 5lb bag of face masks.
Here are some photos from our trip, enjoy:

The best part of the trip was discovering two very amazing videos. One of which some of you might already be familiar with.


Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Uniqso: My first try with circle lenses

I've been meaning to try coloured contacts for a few years now, but never really had the courage to do so. Since moving to Japan I noticed that I've become more open to try new things and take a step out of my comfort zone. I started wearing make up, felt free to do whatever I please to my hair, and wear cute over-sized sweaters.
P.S. My mom is not a big fan of my natural hair, but almost everyone I've met here loves my hair. So yay for me!
Anyways, back to the contacts. I received a pair of contacts from UNIQSO about a week ago and finally decided to try them out instead of just stare at the box.

At first, the contacts felt like a foreign object in my eye but after about 30 seconds I remembered the familiar feeling of wearing contacts. Then I looked in the mirror and was shocked. I didn't look like me, I was scared at first but immediately that fear of the unknown turned in excitement and giddiness. My eyes were larger, lighter and o-so-cool. It's no wonder some people constantly wear contacts. I am now a believer in coloured contacts and it's all thanks to Uniqso.
The colour I got is grey but almost looks a little blue in my photos.  I can't wait to order another pair! I think I might step it up and even try green.
What do you guys think of me trying green?

Have you guys ever tried coloured contacts? If so, how'd you like them?

Be sure to check out
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Friday, 28 September 2012

Glossybox: September Edition

I really liked this month's box as it included a good variety of products.
I'm not gonna lie, but after seeing Canada's September Glossybox I'm a little green with envy.
You can check a Canadian Glossybox at Blogityblog

Here's what I got:
bareMinerals Sample kit
I'm a big fan of bareMinerals! Although this sample is quite a few shades too light for me I think I may still try it as a highlighter or give it away in a gift bag.
Burt's Bees Hand salve
How can you not like Burt's bees?
Korres Natural Samples
- Brighening cream 
-Jasmine shower gel
-Basil lemon shower gel
Meete Acne cream
Tocca Eau de parfum

Look how cute the mini Kabuki brush is!!

Overall I'm quite happy with this month's box and I look forward to more makeup samples in the future!

How was your Glossybox?

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Review: Creer Beaute Love Darling

While putting together a beauty exchange package for a friend in the US, I stumbled upon the most adorable eyeliner. I couldn't walk out without buying one for myself.
This was a completely impulse buy and I didn't really need another eyeliner, but thought why not.
This is now my new favorite, smudge-proof eyeliner. 
Let me introduce you to Creer Beaute Love Darling eyeliner.....

A closer look of the pointed applicator

After it's been rubbed a few times. The colour is still nice and black!
The packaging:
How can you not like the packaging? It's incredibly cute. 
The price:
¥1260. Average for a Japanese drug store brand eyeliner.
My thoughts:
I really love this eyeliner. It's smudge-proof, and perfect for super hot, humid Japanese summers. Just put it on, wait about 15 seconds, and it's set. The colour applies smoothly and uniformly. The pointed applicator is perfect when it comes to creating lovely cat eyes.  After trying my first Creer Beaute product I really want to try others, including their mascara.

Keep you posted!


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